vintage ootd: over the rainbow

There was a brief* time during my childhood in which I refused to respond to anything other than "Dorothy Gale, from Kansas."

Not "Dorothy."  Not even, "Dorothy Gale."  "Dorothy Gale, FROM KANSAS."  Only.

*Seriously, what 3 year old has a several month-long identity crisis?  But, I digress.

During my innocent, not-at-all worrisome role playing, I insisted on wearing a little checkered and floral jumper daily because, in my mind, it was Dorothy Gale (from Kansas)'s signature gingham frock.  Oh, and pink sparkle jellies TOTALLY passed as ruby slippers.


I still fantasize about that little jumper dress of mine and the simple days where I could just BE Dorothy Gale, from Kansas.

So, of course, the moment I saw this dress in an online vintage shop, I knew it had to be mine.  I feel like Dorothy would totally approve - blue and white gingham, bright colored might as well have an Emerald City and a Yellow Brick Road!

I've worn it many times this summer, and I cannot believe that this is the first time I've blogged about it.  The fabric is a soft, very worn cotton that feels like butter, and I adore the sweet lace details.  I firmly believe it is the most beautiful, perfect dress I've ever owned.  And that's saying a lot.  Have you seen my closet?

vintage ootd: brunch turned beer

My darling husband and I just recently started a tradition of picking a new restaurant to try every week - just wanting to stretch our foodie muscles and enjoy the great restaurants Atlanta has to offer.  

After a morning of strenuous, hunger-inducing yard work, we were in agreement: our restaurant for this week had to be boozy brunch.

For this summer outing, I went with this amazing dress that I recently thrifted - it's such a weird mishmash of tropical, tribal, and 5th grade teacher, I just had to have it!  I really like how the colors look together - it's just an easy feeling kind of dress.  Paired with some vintage shades, my favorite retro clutch, and mid-century wide-brimmed hat, I was ready to go!


However, when we got there and saw no giant wait out front and darkened windows, we realized we must have been mistaken somehow...a quick google search on our phones uncovered our error - they only open for brunch on SUNDAYS.


Since we were in the midst of several tasty looking (non-brunch) options, we opted for Slice & Pint, a pizzeria/brew pub right next door.  They happened to be celebrating their one-year anniversary, so their huge list of house brews were all half off.

Pizza and delicious, super-cheap beer?  We were able to make the transition smoothly.

vintage ootd: 4th of july!

I get so excited anytime a holiday comes around because it means I get to plan out fun, vintage-yet-fashion-forward outfits for the occasion!

July 4th is always especially fun because it is so specifically thematic.  And vintage Americana has a very special place in my heart.  Fireworks, BBQs, apple pie, drankin'.  'Murica!

Some traditions never change, but it's fun to look at Independence Day celebrations of yesteryear and see how much does.  Especially style.

I would say that mine has definitely evolved this year.  Here are my 4th of July vintage ootds from last year, and then this year:





I was worried that this year's look couldn't top 2013, but I have to say I like how the outfit turned out.  I think it gives off a little more rock-and-roll kind of vibe with the louder print and 80s chambray crop top.  There's a lot of decade-mixing going on, whereas last year was more classically late 60s/early 70s retro.

Also, how about that vintage swimsuit?  It's one of my favorite items ever!  Nautical AND patriotic?  Sign a sista up!

Speaking of the holiday - we have a July 4th weekend sale going on in our shop!  17.76% off your total order with coupon 1776USA!  (be a good American and get yo' shop on now, ya hear?)

vintage ootd: flounced

A quickie for this rainy day...I'm so in love with this new vintage dress I picked up at Vintage Charlotte a couple weekends ago.

Can you say 70s summer goddess?  It's like a dream!  I feel like dancing in a field with a flower crown on.

But, alas.  Today is just rainy - not ideal for summer frolicking.  But in my head, I'm twirling under a big hot sun!

Also, how great is this cuff bracelet?  I made it!  It was this month's Darby Smart "To DIY For" kit.  If you're into crafty things, but just don't have any fresh ideas, Darby Smart takes all the guesswork out.  Check out their website!  *Note:  I am not being compensated for this review - I just love their product!

vintage ootd: summer solstice style

Yesterday marked the official beginning of summer.  Time for pin-up pool parties, drinks on the patio, and picnics in the park.  

I spent the longest day of the year with my wonderful friends, Katie and Jamie, hanging out at a local brewery, playing corn hole, drinking beer, and chowing down on chicken and waffles, followed by grilling on our back deck and catching fireflies.  It was a good day.

As for my outfit, I opted for a very boho look.  Upon first glance, it may not scream traditional summer-wear (notice lack of short sleeves or open-toed shoes), but I think it was perfect for such a fun-packed day.

The chambray crop top shows just a little bit of skin, and the 3/4 sleeves kept my shoulders protected from the sun all day.  I went with a fun, Indian print wrap skirt for a loose, breezy feel.  And my vintage brown leather booties and Liz Claiborne bucket purse were the perfect additions to bring together the earthy mood I was going for.

In other news, I'm excited to say that our Etsy shop is coming along quite nicely.  Here's just a taste of some of the lovely summer goods we have in store.