thrift store runway: cash for your thrifted style

There is a strong presence of thrifty, vintage-loving fashionistas here in Atlanta, and over the past year, I've been (stalking) following their social media and blogs with a sense of awe.

In January my thrift idol, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays invited me via Instagram to submit one of my vintage looks on Thrift Store Runway.

Thrift Store RUNWAY?  I hadn't heard of it, so, naturally, I investigated immediately.  

Looking through all the submissions, men and women of all ages with so many different styles, I was blown away by how fabulous this whole concept really was.  Putting together thrifted pieces, new and vintage, to make wow-worthy outfits...and then get paid for it?



Since submitting my first look*, I have been faithfully visiting the site, uploading new outfits and enjoying how thoroughly creative, fun, and unique my fellow thrifters are!  It brings a smile to my face seeing people give new life to discarded goods.  Eco-friendly never looked so darn sexy.


Or felt so rewarding.

I am thrilled to say that I am an official WINNER of the February 2014 cycle (judged by the lovely Keren herself).  Not only did I win $500 (which will definitely NOT go to thrifting - or so I tell my husband), but Thrift Store Runway also makes a $100 donation to a non-profit thrift service of my choice.  I chose the Cherokee Humane Society Thrift Store.  Spreading the love to my fur-friends, y'all.


*Vintage Liz Claiborne dress for sale here!