vintage ootd: golden rod

Inspired by one of my favorite color combinations, today's vintage outfit of the day features this beautiful silk, printed top layered under a black fit-and-flare dress I got for less than $10 at Old Navy.

I almost kept it at that - the dress and silk top - but then remembered my recent purchase of this oh-so-amazing mustard sweater vest.  You may notice that the sweater vest is belted; however, I wore the belt around the dress instead so you would get more of a look-see at the dress.

Accessory wise, I opted for my one my favorite go-to necklaces: a leopard print jewel collar necklace I scored at Forever 21 a couple years ago for about $10.  I swear, I probably love this necklace more than any other piece of jewelry I have.  I don't know what it is about it.  Maybe it's my slight obsession with all things animal print.  Maybe it's how it hugs my collar bone so perfectly.  Maybe because it makes me feel bitchin'.  Either way, it was bound to be part of this ensemble.

Question for my fellow fashionistas:  brown boots and purse with a black/gold ensemble?
My decision today was largely based on the fact that I am severely lacking in cute black flats (such a fashion ashamed), and also...this amazing vintage clutch.  A friend's mother gave this to me with along with a ton of other vintage pieces (including this skirt and this dress).  The unique wooden circles tied together to form this boxy bag seem to echo the kinda tribal/earthy-chic vibe I was looking for in this combination of textures, colors, and patterns.  

I'm pleased with the overall look.  And even more pleased that spring is finally here!  That being said - please excuse my unfortunately pale legs!