We're Legit!

We had our first sale on Etsy! Heck yeah!

After finally getting around to posting some items last week, we made a sale! I think this swimsuit was only up for, like, 4 days before selling. What sold was a super cute 1960s pin-up style skirted swimsuit with polka dots. You know, it's funny how you can't sell anything if people can't see it. Too bad, though, cuz that would be #sardine. Oh-- Becca and I are starting a new thing: instead of things being #awesome, they're #sardine. Just go with it, and you, too, can be in our cool club. Don't worry, you definitely want to be in this club. Our meetings include drinking heavily and talking about vintage, bacon, cats, internet memes, etc. Highly exclusive, though. 

 Becca installed the Etsy Seller Widget on my new phone, and I'm obsessed with checking our store stats constantly. It's awesome. Since Becca returned home we've both been quite busy adding new items to the shop-- go check them out!