vintage ootd: brunch turned beer

My darling husband and I just recently started a tradition of picking a new restaurant to try every week - just wanting to stretch our foodie muscles and enjoy the great restaurants Atlanta has to offer.  

After a morning of strenuous, hunger-inducing yard work, we were in agreement: our restaurant for this week had to be boozy brunch.

For this summer outing, I went with this amazing dress that I recently thrifted - it's such a weird mishmash of tropical, tribal, and 5th grade teacher, I just had to have it!  I really like how the colors look together - it's just an easy feeling kind of dress.  Paired with some vintage shades, my favorite retro clutch, and mid-century wide-brimmed hat, I was ready to go!


However, when we got there and saw no giant wait out front and darkened windows, we realized we must have been mistaken somehow...a quick google search on our phones uncovered our error - they only open for brunch on SUNDAYS.


Since we were in the midst of several tasty looking (non-brunch) options, we opted for Slice & Pint, a pizzeria/brew pub right next door.  They happened to be celebrating their one-year anniversary, so their huge list of house brews were all half off.

Pizza and delicious, super-cheap beer?  We were able to make the transition smoothly.